Still Around…barely

Thesis, Thesis and more Thesis.

with little breaks for Death Cold 2013 and much needed sleep.

There have been a few little adventures since Norway… shooting a .45 Magnum in a gun range that was 4 levels underground and Green Beer Thursday are the highlights.

Unfortunately, the month of April will be full of thesis work. But, it’s kind of a good thing since the weather is horrible. Today, the 3rd of April, we are expected to get 15 cm of snow. While I enjoyed the snow in January, February and March…snow in April is just too much. 



Back to my thesis and wishing it was over already.



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Norway 2013

My weekend in Norway with Tonje, Renee and Kine was absolutely incredible. A little blog post won’t be able to describe how amazing beautiful Oslo is or even cover how much fun we had. Here are few pictures that we took, they don’t even include the Viking museum and hiking.


Me, Kine and Renee on the flight to Norway


The countryside on the way to Tonje’s house.


Holmenkollen Ski Jump, here’s an interesting video about the jump.


Beautiful Tonje and Kine


The Palace in Oslo (it was a little underwhelming but still pretty)


My tourist photo in front of the Holmenkollen Ski Jump


Tobogganing with Tonje, me, Renee and Magnar. The natives didn’t wear helmets, we southerners thought it best to protect our delicate skulls.


The little bit of Norway that I saw was incredible. Oslo is a beautiful city with a mountain in the middle of it! Walking through the main part of town, I saw people everywhere carrying skis, getting ready to have some fun in the snow. It was something different for this Florida girl to see. Also, I really like how rooms have heated floors. Those Norwegians know how to deal with the cold!

This was the first of many trips to Norway for me, but now its time for my friends to come to Florida!

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World Nutella Day

5 February is World Nutella Day, so we decided to celebrate it. And since I thought it was National Pancake Day back in the States, pancakes were required.

I can’t make pancakes like Dad can, so I tried my hand at crêpes and they were not bad at all!


Flour, Salt, Eggs and Milk mixed together, cooked in a thin layer in a large pan and voilà, Crêpes






We pulled out a couple of different toppings, Nutella, Sugar and Cinnamon, Guava, Bananas and Myma’s Homemade Blackberry Jelly.



Jomar’s Banana and Nutella Crêpe.

I’m really working on my resolution to cook more. Last week I made Mama’s famous Chicken Pot Pie with my own roux! I’m very proud of that accomplishment.

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Study Break

I had to take a break today and go on a long walk with my friend Kine. Staring at a computer for too long makes me a bit crazy. We walked up to the highest point in Brno and looked out over this beautiful city.


Overlooking Brno from Kraví Hora


I just really like this house we saw on our walk down.

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Fernweh: an ache or longing for faraway places.

Street art in Brno.

Even though I live abroad, I still get that urge to travel somewhere different. It comes from my grandfather who has visited ever state in the Union, twice! I know he understands my desire to see the world and I wish he could come along with me.

On days like today, where all I see is school work to do and boring literature to read, I just want to get on a plane and see something new.

Soon I will be in Norway, and I cannot wait!

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Late night coffee break

Late night coffee break

Took a little break from studying last night for sushi at our favorite hole in the wall restaurant. But we decided we couldn’t bear to go back to studying, so a coffee and cake break was needed too.

If you ever come to Brno, you have to go to Fratelli Cafe and have their triple chocolate cake. It is positively sinful.

Now this beautiful, snowy Saturday will be spent indoors because I procrastinated on finishing a paper. My fault, I know.

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For my Mama, Tonje and Renee

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